05 December 2009

#thirteen: buttercup

On a roll now. Another one from South West Rocks. We found a verge of buttercups at the end of a walk along the beach to meet up with the newlyweds for a barbecue.

#twelve: bushwalk

On a hot day after Mel and Richie's (friends of K's) wedding. We traipsed from South West Rocks NSW, to Gap Beach, the whole of which we had to ourselves!

#eleven: grasstree bloom


Also captured at Noosa National Park, on the walk to Alexandria Bay.

#ten: watching (noosa national park)

Playing catch-up now (and adding some text for the first time!). Captured on a trip to Noosa National Park on my birthday weekend.

04 December 2009

New Beasties of Bingi

One from the OLD ROOSTER

The Old Rooster trying out the close-up features on my camera. He got this okay but couldn't capture the tiny spider dangling from its web.