16 June 2010

Our Autumnal Colours

Well they were! A few weeks ago, then I forgot....now the trees are bare. Mmmm. Cold....brrrr!

11 May 2010


This is the sum total (well not really, 'cos I got sick of photographing them) of the mushies picked this season. Each photo is a different collection, not just the same ones, re-arranged! About 28-30 boxes in the freezer - I think a years supply....easy, and lots of fresh ones eaten by moi and given away.

05 December 2009

#thirteen: buttercup

On a roll now. Another one from South West Rocks. We found a verge of buttercups at the end of a walk along the beach to meet up with the newlyweds for a barbecue.

#twelve: bushwalk

On a hot day after Mel and Richie's (friends of K's) wedding. We traipsed from South West Rocks NSW, to Gap Beach, the whole of which we had to ourselves!

#eleven: grasstree bloom


Also captured at Noosa National Park, on the walk to Alexandria Bay.

#ten: watching (noosa national park)

Playing catch-up now (and adding some text for the first time!). Captured on a trip to Noosa National Park on my birthday weekend.

04 December 2009

New Beasties of Bingi

One from the OLD ROOSTER

The Old Rooster trying out the close-up features on my camera. He got this okay but couldn't capture the tiny spider dangling from its web.

29 October 2009

It took me about three years to discover there were two different types of brushtailed possums here - a bit slow! Here they are...see if you can spot the differences.

20 September 2009

Guess which is Rudi's field and which is mine?

Pick which is Rudi's field of Glossodia and which is my field of Glossodia.

18 August 2009

Dream Home Turned Demolition Site

What a tragedy for Colleen and Rob.
It was such a pretty house.
Now they wait for the bulldozer!

Dream home turned Demolition Site

The Dream is shattered by wind - note the cement stumps sheared and broken.

01 July 2009

All HAIL the conquering.......

And you wish you were here?! 1.7.09

25 May 2009

Here's my latest contribution. Your share awaits you! There are about 33 bottles left at this stage - out of 75!

14 May 2009

I think I'm through and can do this. The proof will be when I close all this down and see if I can (or you can) see! I will accept your congratulations if you can see this post...don't take too long though! I've managed not one but two photos for you and I'm happier I think to try individual posts, rather than one of us sending photos to the other to post. Sensible 2 u?

PS I recognise Big Ears.